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Ali Velshi on believing what Trump is saying

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Listen: Ali Velshi Says to Believe Trump

The MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member explains that we don't need to ask what a second Trump term would look like. He's made it abundantly clear.

Listen: Ali Velshi Says to Believe Trump

The MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member explains that we don't need to ask what a second Trump term would look like. He's made it abundantly clear.

Dystopia. That is what will happen if Donald Trump wins reelection in November. We know this, says Ali Velshi, because Trump told us so. Believe him. Believe Trump. “Take him at his word when he says the quiet parts out loud,” says Velshi.

Trump’s plans to “drill baby, drill,” increasing oil and gas — fossil fuel — output, and decimating environmental laws, including the Inflation Reduction Act and the Paris Climate Agreement, will lead to dirty air.

He’s considering reviving his family separation policy that caged children. Trump has said wants to bring back the Muslim ban, only stronger, to keep out war refugees from Syria, Somalia, Gaza and more. In Iowa, Trump reiterated his designs to send the National Guard to take control of big cities.

He’s promoting a 10 percent baseline good on all imports, which will lead to inflation — and likely a global trade war. Speaking of global … Beyond our borders, which will surely have a new wall, Trump has expressed his desire to abandon NATO, which Velshi describes as “the greatest military alliance in the world.” Trump has said he won’t object to Russia invading other countries.

At CPAC (the recent Conservative Political Action Conference), he called his reelection “liberation day” for his supporters, and “judgement day” for his enemies. He said he’d destroy the Constitution. He will certainly destroy lives.

No longer ignorant or kept in check by well-meaning administrators, Trump is poised for a second term that will devastate everything that is American — except his own ego.






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