Do Something: Dance for Puerto Rico

This week, jam out to an all-female ensemble to help Puerto Rico, learn about veganism as a tool for social justice, discuss radical Black feminism, and more!

Do Something: Dance for Puerto Rico

This week, jam out to an all-female ensemble to help Puerto Rico, learn about veganism as a tool for social justice, discuss radical Black feminism, and more!

Every Monday we round up a handful of ways to get involved throughout the week to make your city better and have fun doing it. Have ideas for upcoming events? Email us tips! Then, discover more evergreen ways to stay engaged in our handy Do Something guide.

Discover the social impact of plant-based diets

What is the relationship between veganism and community engagement? How can your dietary choices impact the lives of other living creatures, human or otherwise? Join Lila Bhide, coordinator for the Penn Community Garden, and the Penn Vegan Society in a discussion about the ethics of veganism in relation to workers within food production industries. The conversation will also tackle racial and socioeconomic accessibility to veganism. Vegan snacks will be provided. Monday, January 22, 6 pm-7 pm, Free, 3417 Spruce Street.

Learn how childhood trauma and health connect

How does childhood trauma affect health across a lifetime? How should traditional medicine integrate mental health? Join Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, founder and CEO of San Francisco’s Center for Youth Wellness, in a conversation on the relationship between toxic stress and chronic illnesses. Harris’ book The Deepest Well presents solid evidence that childhood stresses create lifelong changes in the brain’s neural pathways. Most importantly, she looks for ways to remediate these trauma-induced modifications. Tuesday, January 23, 7:30 pm-9:00 pm, Free, Free Library, 1901 Vine Street.

Learn How 1960s Radical Black Feminism Applies to Today

The Combahee River Collective was among the most important radical black feminist groups of the 1960s and 1970s. Join Princeton Professor, Combahee River Collective founder, and award winning author Keeanga-Yamattha Taylor in a discussion of the lasting legacies of the organization on contemporary black feminist thought and how it informs society today. Wednesday, January 24th, 6 pm-7:30 pm, Free, Penn Book Center, 130 S 34th Street.

Fight Environmental Damage

Join the Health Ecologies Lab at the University of Pennsylvania and Yale Environment 360 Magazine at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies in a debut screening of Metabolic Rift, a documentary film program on environmental activism and social justice. The festival presents a comprehensive analysis of ecological loss and environmental degradation, as well as the innovative projects that seek to mitigate this damage worldwide. Tuesday, January 25, 12 pm-5 pm, Free, Slought Foundation, 4017 Walnut Street. 

Refresh Your Knowledge of Government

How did the Founding Fathers envision the three branches of government to balance each other out? What has actually happened since the conception of the American republic? Why does it matter now, and what will happen in the future? Join Judge Rakoff and The Rosenbach museum as they attempt to decipher the power of the judiciary on contemporary and future American politics. Friday, January 26, 6 pm-7 pm, $0-$15, The Rosenbach, 2008-2010 Delancey Street. 

Jam out for Puerto Rico

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Although it has been four months since Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans are still struggling. World Cafe Live is teaming up with Danielle and Jennifer, Mixed People, Prima Donna, Roxy Rollz and Sylvia Platypus to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Maria on the Caribbean island. Support all-female led efforts to get PR back on its feet by listening to funky music and dancing the night away. Saturday, January 27, 8 pm, $10, World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut Street. 

Make Meals for Those in Need

In one year, Aid for Friends provides 300,000 free dinner meals, 58,000 soups, and 42,000 breakfast bags to approximately 1,700 homebound individuals in Pennsylvania. Join the organization to cook for a cause on Sunday morning. Volunteers not only provide food preparation, but also comfort: Each year, they spend nearly 100,000 hours of friendly visits with the Aid for Friends’ constituents. Sunday, January 28, 10 am-1 pm, Free, Aid for Friends, 12271 Townsend Street.

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