Foodizen: Dinner on the Farm

What’s even better than a farm-to-table dinner? A farm-to-farm table dinner, that also helps keep small, sustainable farms afloat

By Katherine Rapin

Foodizen: When celery was the avocado toast of its day

A Fishtown restaurant takes us on a culinary journey into Pennsylvania’s past. Waffles and catfish, anyone?

By Jason Wilson

Event: Foodizen Dinner at Vientiane Bistro

Last week, Citizen members came together to enjoy a meal and learn how Lao cooking became rooted in Philadelphia

By Jamie Bogert

Foodizen: Food it Forward

The next in our series on food and culture looks at a Rittenhouse Square nonprofit helping restaurants do the right thing: Donating their food waste

By Jason Wilson

Foodizen: Eat Your Values

In the aftermath of The Rooster closing, our series on the nexus of food and culture in cities looks at how you can eat well and do good

By Jason Wilson

Foodizen: What you need to know about “ugly produce”

Three companies in Philly offer cheap, fresh produce they say also helps our planet. But, as the next in our series on food and culture uncovers, it’s more complicated than that

By Katherine Rapin

Foodizen: “What are you?”

Filipino food has lately been at the center of Twitter outrage. Our series on the nexus of food and society finds Philly’s newest cuisine can’t be unlinked from its history and culture

By Jason Wilson

The Citizen Recommends: Philly Farm Social

WURD’s evening at Bartram’s Garden will feature The Citizen’s new Foodizen podcaster, food historian Tonya Hopkins. Here, she talks about the influence of African Americans on American food

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy