Larry Platt

A Philadelphia media fixture since the early ‘90s, Larry Platt is the former editor of The Philadelphia Daily News and Philadelphia magazine, and the co-author of the bestselling Every Day I Fight, the cancer memoir of ESPN’s Stuart Scott. He has written for New York, GQ, the New York Times Magazine, and Men’s Journal.

“I’ve run two major media institutions in our town and have yet to consistently produce the kind of journalism the city and Democracy truly needs,” Platt says.



Stories by Larry Platt:

Ideas We Should Steal: The Greater Buffalo Racial Equity Roundtable

Well before this summer’s racial awakening, civic leaders in Buffalo came together to not only talk about race, but work on real systemic change. Is it a model for other cities?

By Larry Platt

A crack in the permanent establishment

The ascension of Wharton’s Erika James, IBX’s Gregory Deavens and Comcast’s Dalila Wilson-Scott points to refreshing change among the city’s leadership class

By Larry Platt

Larry Krasner’s Inconvenient Truth

It’s nearly three years in. Is there any data to suggest the progressive experiment of D.A. Larry Krasner is or is not working?

By Larry Platt

What Would Dyson Say?

Catching up with bestselling author, professor, preacher and public intellectual Michael Eric Dyson, whose much-anticipated forthcoming book provides a roadmap from racial reckoning to reconciliation

By Larry Platt

Did LeBron Choke?

Missing from the NBA players’ historic wildcat strike last month was a call for bold action on economic justice. If only they’d heard of Philly nonprofit B Lab

By Larry Platt

What Failed Leadership Looks Like

In an email exchange between Council President Clarke and a constituent, not even a murder epidemic can prompt an empathetic response. This is your tax dollars at work?

By Larry Platt

The Citizen Remembers: Conversations With RBG

Revisiting a conversation with National Constitution Center CEO Jeffrey Rosen, whose year-old book on Ruth Bader Ginsburg doubles down on civility and reason

By Larry Platt

55 Shots

Two dead in a Spring Garden playground is just the latest example of a murder epidemic overtaking the city. The mayor and City Council president will hold a press conference today … about Donald Trump

By Larry Platt