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Larry Platt

A Philadelphia media fixture since the early ‘90s, Larry Platt is the former editor of the Philadelphia Daily News and Philadelphia magazine, and the co-author of the bestselling Every Day I Fight, the cancer memoir of ESPN’s Stuart Scott. He has written for New York, GQ, the New York Times Magazine, and Men’s Journal.

“I’ve run two major media institutions in our town and have yet to consistently produce the kind of journalism the city and Democracy truly needs,” Platt says.



Stories by Larry Platt:

Don’t Silence Marc Lamont Hill. Debate Him.

The controversy over the Temple professor’s comments about Israel raises the question: Why is banishment from the public square so often the first choice of the offended?

By Larry Platt

“The City That Holds No One Accountable”

How’s that for a new Philly marketing slogan? The latest example: All the high-fiving over our Amazon participation trophy

By Larry Platt

The Politics of Good Intentions

Narberth has banned plastic straws. Cue the cheering. But shouldn’t such an act have at least some impact on curbing marine pollution?

By Larry Platt

And We’re Off…

Butko is in, Williams is mulling, and there are other rumblings. Will we have a much-needed debate about Philly’s future in a competitive mayor’s race next year?

By Larry Platt

Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2018: Calling BS

Author Anand Giridharadas discusses his provocative new book, Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World

By Larry Platt

Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2018: Michael Eric Dyson

The bestselling author will talk about repairing race relations at The Citizen’s Ideas We Should Steal Festival on the 30th

By Larry Platt

Hold That Champagne, Progressives

The much-anticipated blue wave turned out to be a ripple, but local philanthropist, investor and civic entrepreneur Richard Vague might have the answer for our divided times. It starts with listening

By Larry Platt

The War Against Community

What David Adelman’s new Holocaust Memorial can tell us about last week’s horrors in Pittsburgh

By Larry Platt