Meet The Disruptor: Antoinette Marie Johnson

The founder and CEO of creative agency Cohere works to build a better city through the power of placemaking

By Larry Platt

Meet The Disruptor: Communally

The Philadelphia-based “anti-poverty technology B Corp” has provided more than a million people with financial services normally reserved for the well-off

By Quinn O'Callaghan

Meet the Disruptor: Lorenzo Buffa

His South Philly-based Analog Watch Company makes “the opposite of an Apple watch”

By Jill Harkins

Meet The Disruptor: Mike Maher

The CEO and co-founder of Houwzer is challenging traditional home buying practices—while seeking to do good

By Larry Platt

Meet the Civic Innovators

The Citizen recognizes a few of the Civic Innovators bringing forth change in Philly

By Larry Platt

Meet the Disruptor: Techgirlz

Through free tech classes to middle school girls in Philly, the nonprofit hopes to shape the technology industry into a more equitable place for everyone

By Quinn O'Callaghan

Meet the Disruptor: Quaker City Coffee

A Federal Donuts owner and a former inmate partner up to pair your coffee with something much needed: Jobs for the recently incarcerated

By Annie McDonough

Meet the Disruptor: Keriton

The Philly-based startup is changing the way NICUs track breast milk—and hoping to help turn around the nation’s high rate of preemie deaths

By Quinn O'Callaghan

Meet the Disruptor: AnaOno

After surviving breast cancer, Dana Donofree used her experience to launch a bra company for others like her, who want to feel sexy and feminine again

By Annie McDonough

Meet the Disruptor: NeedsList

The Philly-based tech startup crowdfunds humanitarian aid for the 25 million refugees worldwide. It is a game-changer in how we all can be part of the solution

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy