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EVENT: Vote That Jawn

The Citizen is joining award-winning author (and Penn professor) Lorene Cary’s Safe Kids Stories, along with several other partners, in a fall effort to register and send to the polls in November first-time voters, especially youth.

On September 22nd, the group will host a two hour-long workshop at WHYY’s Public Media Commons from 2 pm-4 pm, to kick off the initiative. Experienced speakers will introduce the challenge: for each team of participants to come up with its own strategy to get their peers to register to vote and then go to the polls.

Advertising professionals, artists, social media experts and organizers will be on hand to act as brainstorming coaches for each team. They’ll suggest strategies and tactics for the teams to consider and riff on in their own plans, which will be shared on the #VoteThatJawn website.

The idea is for each team to register—and then get to the polls—the greatest number of people. On November 6th, we’ll follow up with a #VoteThatJawn afterparty: to award cash prizes to three winners.

Interested? Click here to sign up! Don’t have a team, but you want to help make this happen? Come, bring a friend or two, and join our Wild Card tables to mix it up and make things happen!

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