LISTEN: How Leaders Really Get Sh*t Done

If you missed an episode of our acclaimed podcast How to Really Run a City, take heart: Citizen Co-founder Larry Platt is here with a 2023 highlight reel.

Watch: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Our first event in the series Business… for Good: Inclusive Growth and the American City explored a tangible fix to Philly’s stubborn poverty problem


Philadelphia's newest crop of Integrity Icons received honors at Fitler Club last week. Check out photos from the evening, along with a video from the Eagles offensive lineman.

Listen: Badass Philly Women—Then and Now

We asked some of our favorite Philly women of the moment to tell the stories of some of our favorite Philly women from history in honor of Women's History Month. Hear new episodes weekly throughout the month

Watch: Fixing the Prison Industrial Complex

Author Piper Kerman and Reform Alliance CEO Robert Rooks on achieving what is achievable: safety and reform

Watch: Aqeela Sherrills on Brokering Peace

At our fourth annual Ideas We Should Steal Festival, the renowned peacemaker shared how he's had success fighting violence in Newark and Los Angeles through community-based intervention.

How to Contact Your Representatives

How to find your city, state and federal representatives, and tips on how to write them—because it's our responsibility to hold them accountable

Watch: Mayors Michael Nutter and Kasim Reed

The fiery ex-mayors shared important lessons for successfully leading American cities at our annual Ideas We Should Steal Festival. For starters: You have to take care of the basics.