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Attend the event, TONIGHT!

You can tap into your green thumb with a beer in your hand. Attend the event, hear some good stories, drink some good beer and consider what you’re doing for the environment each and every day.

MISSION Story Slam: Saving Us from Ourselves
Tuesday, April 23
6 pm-10 pm
Upstairs @ Yard’s Brewing
500 Garden St.
Tickets here

Free snacks, cash bar



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The Citizen Recommends: Mission Story Slam

Come find the inspiration and motivation you’ve been craving to change the world

The Citizen Recommends: Mission Story Slam

Come find the inspiration and motivation you’ve been craving to change the world

For anyone with a do-good streak, having a real impact can often feel daunting. But sometimes, the best inspo comes simply from being surrounded by other like-minded altruists. And if you’re seeking community, come check out PWPvideo’s third-ever MISSION Story Slam: Saving Us From Ourselves, tonight at 6 pm.

This is the third slam for PWPvideo, the Philly-based filmmakers who focus on telling the stories of mission-driven organizations. Its first slam focused on stories in the nonprofit industry; the second highlighted stories about democracy.

Dave Winston, PWPvideo Producer, explains the backstory behind this year’s conservation-inspired theme. “People always imagine bird lovers when they think of environmentalists,” he says. “But we forget the self-serving aspect of saving the earth; it’s us who will be gone if we don’t do anything.”

Do Something

Throughout the night, participants with a story to tell are invited to throw their names in a hat. Ten people will be selected to share their five-minute story. At the end of the night, a panel of judges will select a first place winner and donate $250 dollars to a nonprofit of the winner’s choosing. The audience will also get to pick an “Audience Favorite,” which comes with a $100 prize.

Winston says the people in the room invariably make the space comfortable and encouraging for those sharing. “This event has created a safe space where people can be emotional and vulnerable in a way they can’t [otherwise] be in public,” he says.  In a time where it’s easy to feel discouraged and hopeless, this event is a way to reignite enthusiasm and see all the amazing things your neighbors are doing to combat [in this case] climate change. It’s a great way, he says, to take a step back, grab a drink, chat, and hear about what your peers are working on.

Whether you are there to tell a story or to listen, Winston promises you’ll share some laughs, and some tears.

“It’s addicting. You [just] want to keep hanging out with these people,” Winston says.

Could a fourth slam be on the horizon?

Tuesday, April 23, Tickets Here, 6 pm-10 pm, MISSION Story Slam: Saving Us from Ourselves, Upstairs @ Yard’s Brewing, 500 Garden St.

Grace Palladino shares her story at the second MISSON Story Slam

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