Earth Day Philadelphia Guide

More than 50 years after the holiday began, there are more reasons — and more ways — than ever to combat climate change, right here in Philly

By Rosamelia Lara Sanchez, Christina Griffith and Lauren McCutcheon

Resistance is a Garden

A Painted Bride project combines urban farming, art and education to empower Black and Brown Philadelphians to grow their own futures

By James Peterson

Generation Change Philly: The Urban Farmer

An irrepressible leader of today’s urban farming movement in Philadelphia, Christa Barfield builds individual and community health from the ground up

By Christina Griffith

Business for Good: The Kitchen Garden Series

A former costume designer is now working to upend the textiles industry and revive an old Philly tradition by producing local linen

By Courtney DuChene

Foodizen: Composting in the City

Philadelphians dump 400,000 tons of food and yard scraps into the landfill every year. A city community composting pilot is working to put that waste to good use

By Katherine Rapin

Foodizen: Bee the Change

Protecting bees is critical to preserving our food supply. Some 50,000 rooftop bees, including ones in the evolving Spring Arts District, are doing a small part of what Philly needs

By Jason Wilson

Foodizen: Generation Urban Farmers

W.B. Saul, the largest agricultural school in the country, trains students in the art of farming. Yes, even in the city

By Jason Wilson

Ideas We Should Steal: What’s Good in the Agrihood?

Detroiters are transforming empty acreage into an urban farming community. Could it work in Philly?

By Quinn O'Callaghan