“They Can Win”

When their garden project was halted because of lead in their school, students at Furness High School embarked on a different campaign: To clean every toxic school in Philly

By Katherine Rapin

A Ticket to Self-Expression

The Dictionary Project provides students with an old-school ticket to the timeless gift of language

By Siobhan Gleason

Ideas We Should Steal: Turning Blight into Play Spaces

A New Orleans nonprofit transforms vacant land into playgrounds that teach design thinking. Could the same idea help Philly kids thrive in their own neighborhoods?

By Jessica Press

The Citizen Recommends: Envisioning Education

Revolution School, an alternative private high school set to open next fall, hosts a screening and conversation about education in the 21st Century

By Jamie Bogert

Threading a Future

Could a Baltimore nonprofit hold the answer to turning around the lives of Philly’s most at-risk teens—and our city at-large?

By Jessica Press

Ideas We Should Steal: Action Civics in Schools

A new Massachusetts law mandates experiential civics learning in school. It’s one way to ensure a better democracy in our children’s future

By Michael Deal

Guest Commentary: The Key to Student Success? Relationships

A psychologist and former teacher on the benefits of “attachment theory” in schools. Hint: It’s about better learning

By Keren Sofer

Ideas We Should Steal: Fully Paid Teacher Sabbaticals

The U.K. is giving some teachers a paid year off in the hopes that it will help keep them in their jobs. Could that solve Philly’s teacher retention problem too?

By Quinn O'Callaghan