Art Class

Barbara Allen founded Fresh Artists to help keep art in schools by turning student works into valuable collectibles. Now she’s helping them plan for the future

By Rebecca Sinkler

Citizens Of The Week: Philly’s Teachers

It’s the last day of public school in Philly. Let’s give teachers a hand as they embark on their much-deserved summer break

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Guest Commentary: Is School Choice the Black Choice?

Deficits impacting Black America are not closing fast enough. An education reformer argues that school choice aids the cause of equality

By Lenny McCallister

“They Can Win”

When their garden project was halted because of lead in their school, students at Furness High School embarked on a different campaign: To clean every toxic school in Philly

By Katherine Rapin

A Ticket to Self-Expression

The Dictionary Project provides students with an old-school ticket to the timeless gift of language

By Siobhan Gleason

Ideas We Should Steal: Turning Blight into Play Spaces

A New Orleans nonprofit transforms vacant land into playgrounds that teach design thinking. Could the same idea help Philly kids thrive in their own neighborhoods?

By Jessica Press

The Citizen Recommends: Envisioning Education

Revolution School, an alternative private high school set to open next fall, hosts a screening and conversation about education in the 21st Century

By Jamie Bogert

Threading a Future

Could a Baltimore nonprofit hold the answer to turning around the lives of Philly’s most at-risk teens—and our city at-large?

By Jessica Press