Game Changer

Spark Therapeutics and Drexel University are betting big on a new, $575 million innovation center. For Spark CEO Jeff Marrazzo, it’s another iteration of a change maker’s vision

By Larry Platt

The Higher Ed Opportunity

Four local universities will be searching for new presidents in the next couple of years. Let’s be sure, a longtime college president says, they are principled leaders who can help transform the region.

By Elaine Maimon

The Citizen Recommends: Generational Shifts and the Politics of Change

The Citizen’s Roxanne Patel Shepelavy hosts a Drexel panel about who is—and soon will be—leading our democracy

By Jessica Blatt Press

Ain’t No Party Like A Home Rule Charter Party

Our local constitution hasn’t been updated for nearly 70 years. The Citizen and Drexel University are partnering on a course that asks: Isn’t it about time for a refresh?

By Larry Platt

Citizen of the Week: Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman

The Drexel urban anthropologist, just named one of BBC’s 100 Women making a difference, is committed to making Philly accessible and desirable for all—and says we’re already on the right track

By Jessica Blatt Press

Guest Commentary: What We Can Learn From Squash

FS Investments and Drexel University teamed up to host this week’s U.S. Open Squash Championship—a model for what inclusion can look like

By Michael Forman and John Fry

“This is a time for extraordinary courage”

Environmental crusader and restaurant icon Judy Wicks gave a commencement address to Drexel grads this month. Her message: Planet saving is everyone’s job

By Judy Wicks

Week 2: Mike Quick’s Eagles Civic Season

This week, the Eagles announcer and former All-Pro wide receiver, with help from a Drexel professor, looks at how Philly stacks up against Tampa Bay—on and off the field

By Mike Quick and Professor Richardson Dilworth