Dear Eagles Fans, Let Jason Kelce Retire

It’s time to say good-bye to Fat Batman. Not because he’s way past his football prime, but because we Eagles fans love him and his family too much to jeopardize his — and our — future together

By Olivia Kram

Jason Kelce, Our Favorite Psyop

Don’t let the conspiracy theories surrounding Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce distract you. The real person to watch is the Eagles’ belly-bearing, daughter-loving, Disney-going center for signs as to who’ll occupy the White House next year.

By Lauren McCutcheon

The Secret Sauce Behind Kelce

With their newest film about the Eagles captain dropping on September 12, it’s safe to say Don Argott and Sheena Joyce will be delivering Philly its most heartfelt love letter yet. Pro tip: Stay for the credits

By Jessica Blatt Press

Eagles Win the (Civic) Super Bowl!

No matter what happens on Sunday (cue: GREASE THE POLES!), our team will always be winners for their contributions off the field. Here, a look at how our beloved Birds are really making a difference

By Aly Kerrigan and Ethan Young

The Citizen Recommends: Jason Kelce’s Do-Good Line of Merch

With Underdog Apparel, the Philadelphia Eagles’ star center is selling tees, totes, fanny packs, hats and more to benefit Philly kids everywhere.

By Jessica Blatt Press

Video: “Make The World Better”

Join Connor Barwin, Jason Kelce and friends in bringing joy to city parks. Help them help all of us live a better life

By The Philadelphia Citizen Staff

Citizen Sports: True Champs

In a world without sports, players step up

By Dave Kyu

Week 17: Jason Kelce’s Eagles Education Season

Each week this season, the Super Bowl-winning offensive lineman has compared Philly schools to those of our on-field competitors, while celebrating local education innovations. Here, he looks at New York, and reflects on his first season as The Citizen’s education columnist

By Jason Kelce