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Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2018 Video & Audio: Public Spaces, Civic Health

Listen or watch NYU professor Eric Klinenberg on shaping public spaces to keep communities healthy and connected. Then vote for his homegrown idea

At The Citizen’s inaugural Ideas We Should Steal Festival, NYU professor Eric Klinenberg, author of Palaces for the People: How Social Infrastructure Can Help Fight Inequality, talked with Diana Lind, managing director of Penn’s Fels Policy Research Center and a Citizen board member, about making public spaces—parks, libraries and community centers—work for the public.

It is, he noted, a key to everything from reducing crime, good health and surviving climate change.  

If you missed the discussion, or simply want to hear it again, listen on CitizenCast below.

Or, watch Klinenberg and Lind here.

Idea We Should Steal: In Philadelphia—yes here!—Penn professors and thePennsylvania Horticulture Society made pocket parks out of abandoned lots in North Philly. It reduced gun crime and depression. Let’s broaden that citywide.

Rate the idea here. 

Photo credits: Sabina Pierce

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