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Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2018 Video & Audio: Mayor as Conveners

Listen or watch Kansas City Mayor Sly James and Drexel's Bruce Katz on making real urban change. Hint: It takes collaboration. Then vote for their idea

At The Citizen’s inaugural Ideas We Should Steal Festival, Kansas City Mayor Sly James and Bruce Katz, director of Drexel’s Nowak Metro Finance Lab, explored the all too rare effects of bringing together government, business, universities and non-profits to sell—and grow—a city, the way Philly did with its Amazon bid and Kansas City did to attract Google Fiber. One result? A future of collaboration that can benefit everyone.

Early on, Philly 3.0 Executive Director Ali Perelman, teased out of James how to approach inclusion.

“How do you you build what you built without people feeling excluded from the process?” she asked.

“Well,” James replied, “you don’t exclude them. That’s step one.”

If you missed the discussion, or simply want to hear it again, listen on CitizenCast below.

Idea We Should Steal: Use city data to create city policies and give residents what they want.

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Photo credits: Sabina Pierce

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