Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2018 Video & Audio: Celebrating Integrity

Listen or watch Accountability Lab's Cheri-Leigh Erasmus idea for helping developing countries turn honest public officials into celebrities. Vote to bring it here

At The Citizen’s inaugural Ideas We Should Steal Festival, Accountability Lab’s Programs and Learning Manager Cheri-Leigh Erasmus introduced the crowd to Integrity Idol—an American Idol-like contest to find the most honest and effective civil servant in six developing countries, including Nepal. Now, those civil servants are celebrities others want to emulate.

In places where corruption runs amok—like Philadelphia—highlighting the work of these individuals can give hope and change the culture of influence and corruption.

If you missed the discussion, or simply want to hear it again, listen on CitizenCast below.

Or, watch Erasmus talk about Integrity Idol here.

Idea We Should Steal: Bring Integrity Idol here, to celebrate Philadelphia’s good and honest public servants.

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Read more about Integrity Idol in The Citizen:

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