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EVENT: Free Press in the Trump Age


Ali Velshi

Anchor and Business Correspondent, MSNBC

Ashley Parker

White House Correspondent, The Washington Post

Jonathan Tamari

Washington Correspondent, Philadelphia Inquirer

Larry Platt

Moderator, Editor, The Philadelphia Citizen


The principle of a free press is under siege and once agreed-upon facts are suddenly up for debate. What is the state of journalism in our current political moment?

The Philadelphia Citizen, in partnership with The Lenfest Institute for Journalism and University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School of Communication, invites you to a conversation with national reporters—all with strong Philly ties—who are on the frontlines of covering the Trump revolution.

When truth has become relative, how can journalists maintain their responsibility for delivering fair, accurate, and well-sourced reporting within an increasingly fractured climate?

This event is part of The Citizen’s in-person programming that delves deeply into real solutions that make our communities better. It provides an opportunity to learn how other Philadelphians are working to solve Philadelphia’s problems—and also to learn ways to get involved and make a meaningful impact in your community.


Photo: Elvert Barnes via Flickr

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