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Attend the Dirty Frank's mural rededication

Sunday 11/22, 4:30pm, Dirty Frank’s, 13th & Pine Streets.  Get a Frank’s Special while you’re there.



Watch Philadelphia Poet Laureate Frank Sherlock read his ode to Philly

The Citizen Recommends: Rededication of the Dirty Frank’s Mural

New Franks join the old Franks on the iconic wall

The Citizen Recommends: Rededication of the Dirty Frank’s Mural

New Franks join the old Franks on the iconic wall

Everyone over the age of 21 in Philadelphia has had—or should have had—a Dirty Frank’s moment. Maybe it’s the first time you recognize the legendary dive is also a moderately accomplished art gallery. Or when you realize the genius of the u-shaped bar that has you always sharing a moment with a stranger across the way. Or the first time that you realize the Dirty Frank’s Mural is composed entirely of Franks (and Franklins, and frankfurters).  Or the glorious moment when you realize you’ve become a regular in a place some will swear is the single best bar in America. It’s a bar so sure of its pleasures and so joyously unpretentious it could only be in Philadelphia, and of Philadelphia. It is an eclectic, quirky mix of a community—not the neighborhood bar, but a neighborhood unto itself. You know what you get when you go to Frank’s because inside those doors, it’s the same as it’s ever been.

Outside, though, there have been some changes. 

Join the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program on Sunday afternoon for the re-dedication of The Mural at Dirty Frank’s, celebrating new additions Pope Francis and Philadelphia Poet Laureate (& Dirty Frank’s doorman) Frank Sherlock.

The mural mash-up of famous Franks was originally painted in 2001 by artist David McShane and features figures including Franklins Benjamin, Aretha, and Delano Roosevelt; Franks Oz, Purdue, Lloyd Wright, and Furness; singers Sinatra, Zappa, and Avalon; Frankenstein’s monster; a frankfurter; and others. McShane recently added Pope Francis to the mural in anticipation of the pontiff’s visit to Philadelphia, and native son Frank Sherlock in recognition of his term as Philadelphia’s second Poet Laureate.  

The event will include a reading by Sherlock and a performance by the Dirty Frank’s house band, Detonators. Light refreshments (frankfurters & Frank’s sodas) will be provided. 

This Sunday, 4:30pm, Dirty Frank’s, 13th & Pine Streets.

Header Photo: Steve Weinki, City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

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