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Connor Barwin's Civic Season

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Our Man Of The Year

Our Man Of The Year

Vote for Connor Barwin and help make Philly better

Sure, he had two sacks last week in the Eagles win over the mighty Patriots and that clutch batted-down pass during yesterday’s win over the Buffalo Bills. But Connor Barwin—who, when not terrorizing quarterbacks, moonlights as a columnist here—is up for NFL Man Of The Year honors because of how he inspires us off the field.

We’ve told the story before of Barwin’s commitment to Philadelphia’s neighborhoods, how his Make The World Better Foundation has refurbished Ralph Brooks Park in Point Breeze and will be doing the same for Smith Playground in South Philly. Many athletes do charity work, but few make it their life’s work. NFL Film movingly captured the story of Barwin’s connection with Philly, in a film that also stars another sui generis Philly change agent, Jane Golden. We challenge you to watch it and not be moved to cast your vote for Connor:

Let’s make this a movement, people. Here’s how you can help. Just use the hashtag #BARWINMPMOYCHALLENGE across social media. As ward leaders have said in certain districts of this city throughout our history, vote early and often. The Man Of The Year nominee whose hashtag is used the most through the end of the year will receive a $20,000 donation to support their cause. And Barwin’s cause is us.

Header Photo: Laura Storck

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