CitizenCast—Citizen Speaks: Business for Good

On Wednesday, an audience of entrepreneurs, innovators and go getters joined a panel of experts to talk about how doing well and doing good go hand in hand. Listen to the conversation

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“We go after problems we are not going to solve in our lifetime.”

With these inspiring words, Emmet Dennis, Chief Community Officer of Sundial Brands, closed out an inspiring Citizen Speaks conversation Wednesday about mission-driven businesses that can change the world. It was a sentiment shared by our four panelists—whom moderator Larry Platt noted were “in the community business”—and by many in the crowd of 160 people at FS Investments in the Navy Yard.

A rousing call for a triple bottom line approach to business—people, planet and profits—the event was as much about the incredible journeys of four incredible entrepreneurs as it was a playbook for getting in the game—doing good while doing well.

As panelist Jay Coen Gilbert, CEO and co-founder of B Lab, put it: “Life and business and social change are team sports.”

In addition to Dennis and Coen Gilbert, the event, sponsored by FS Investments and Brandywine Realty Trust, included Lisa Skeete Tatum, co-founder of Landit; and Jeff Brown of ShopRite Foods.

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Photo via Colin Lodewick