EVENT: Citizen Speaks—Business for Good


Jay Coen Gilbert

Founder of B Lab & Former CEO of AND1

Lisa Skeete Tatum

Co Founder & CEO of Landit, Inc.

Todd Carmichael

CEO of La Colombe

Emmet Dennis

Chief Community Officer at Sundial Brands


The Philadelphia Citizen, in partnership with B Lab and ImpactPHL, invites you to a discussion with four dynamic entrepreneurs who are proving that doing well and doing good can go hand in hand.

This panel will feature social innovators who have built financially successful businesses while also spurring opportunity, increasing access and promoting economic fairness—from boardroom to storefront—in the service of a triple bottom line: Profits, people and planet.

And we’ll explore ways in which all of us can help our businesses make the city better.






FS Investment Corporation
Rouse Blvd. 201, Philadelphia, PA 19112

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