Citizen of the Week: Kelli Wyatt

The middle school teacher started a Facebook group that has connected 600 high school seniors with “adopters” to help them celebrate their graduation—and raise money for college expenses

By Courtney DuChene

The Kids Are (Mostly) Alright

Online school is ramping up this week—but as the students will tell you, it’s not the same. Here’s how some are coping with life during the pandemic

By Elizabeth Warner and Jessica Press

Citizen of the Week: Shawn “Frogg” Banks

The nonprofit leader spent his youth being part of the problem in his North Philly neighborhood. Over two decades later, he’s a safe space for other kids—day, night or pandemic

By Angela Gervasi

Home is where the art is

In the time of Covid-19, Fresh Artists has taken its public school art program to where the students are: In their own homes

By Kiersten A. Adams

Get The Kids Connected Already

It’s nearly 50 days into the pandemic and thousands of school kids still aren’t able to access online learning. WURD’s midday host wonders, why can’t we be more like Detroit?

By Charles D. Ellison

Guest Commentary: Let Them Vote

Two high school history teachers urge all who care about our democracy to sign a letter today to allow all eligible voters—like the 20,000 youth in our city—to vote by mail

By Rhonda Feder and Thomas Quinn

#VoteThatJawn 2020

A group of Penn students, led by author/professor Lorene Cary, won’t let even a pandemic keep them from their mission: to register 10,000 first-time voters

By Jessica Press

Citizen of the Week: Joanna Lin

The high school sophomore started the Student Period Movement to fight “period poverty” from Broad Street to Bangladesh

By Elena Musher Eisenstadt