The Virus and the City: The Answer is Local

Multiple crises have revealed the need and the power of cities to respond to this moment. Drexel’s Metro Finance director on how a “New Localism” can jumpstart a better rebirth than before Covid-19.

By Bruce Katz

I Want My Jubilee!

Center City venture capitalist and philanthropist Richard Vague has a stimulus plan that will boost the economy and address inequality. Will the political class listen?

By Larry Platt

Ideas We Should Steal: The Housing Reform We Really Need

Portland, Oregon, just passed the most revolutionary urban zoning reform in recent history to keep residents from being displaced. In Philly, that could bring housing relief to tens of thousands

By Jessica Blatt Press

New Year, No New Taxes

The City plans to hold off on changing what property owners pay in taxes for another year. Philly 3.0’s engagement director on why that may not be good for anyone

By Jon Geeting

How to Build Philadelphia Back Better

Two of the country’s most prominent urban thinkers have teamed up to offer Philly a bold plan for inclusive and resilient recovery from Covid-19. Could a $250 million “Philadelphia Regeneration Fund” be in our future?

By Bruce Katz and Richard Florida

The Virus and the City: Next Steps

Could help be on the way for Main Street businesses? Here, a rundown of the relief bills and programs that, if Congress acts, might just help

By Bruce Katz, Beth Bafford, Jamie Rubin, Michael Saadine and Colin Higgins

Breaking Down Barriers

Can Sunflower Philly, a community space in Kensington run by local artists and funded by local developers, forge a connection between new and longtime residents?

By Emily Neil

The Closest Thing to Printing Money

The housing density bonus has put $10 million into City coffers for affordable housing. It could do even more, Philly 3.0’s engagement editor notes—if certain Councilmembers would get out of the way

By Jon Geeting