Guest Commentary: Stupidest Ballot Question. Ever.

A Republican ward leader weighs in on Tuesday’s ballot question No. 1, a charter amendment that calls on the PPD to eliminate unconstitutional stop and frisk

By Matt Wolfe

The Citizen Voter Guide: PA General Election 2020

Election Day is officially November 3—but now is the time to get ready to vote. Here, everything you need to know to cast a ballot

By Josh Middleton

How to Vote in the PA General Election

Everything you need to know about voting in Pennsylvania before the general election on November 3

How to Vote This Week

There are many ways to cast a ballot for this important election. Philly 3.0’s engagement editor has a regularly updated breakdown on how best to vote now.

By Jon Geeting

Guest Commentary: Are the polls making the same mistake all over again?

A veteran political consultant warns that by not adjusting for new pandemic voting patterns, pollsters may be missing worrisome drop-offs in Black and Latino voting

By Ken Smukler

Ideas We Should Steal: Citizens’ Assemblies

A growing body of research suggests that the leadership we need right now could—quite literally—be all around us

By Jessica Blatt Press

Speed Up the Vote Count

Philadelphia 3.0’s director of engagement makes a compelling call for election efficiency

By Jon Geeting

Larry Krasner’s Inconvenient Truth

It’s nearly three years in. Is there any data to suggest the progressive experiment of D.A. Larry Krasner is or is not working?

By Larry Platt