Future-Proofing Work: Harnessing Local Brain Power

The Future Works Alliance wants to prove to the world that Philly is ready, open and planning for the world of automation. Here’s how you can help.

By Anne Gemmell

Guest Commentary: More Jobs, Less Violence

An emergency room doctor on the frontline of Philly’s homicide epidemic calls for a new approach to ending gun violence: Economic opportunity

By Kevin M. Baumlin

Business for Good: Girls Auto Clinic

Patrice Banks has plans for another car repair shop, post-Covid. First, though, she’s launched a program aimed at getting more women of color into the car repair biz.

By Courtney DuChene

The Citizen Recommends: Bossie Accelerator Program

Shannon Morales’ Echo Me Forward links minority candidates with good jobs. This weekend, the Philly Startup Leaders grad will help teen girls achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

By Jessica Blatt Press

The Possibilities of “If”

Meegan Denenberg and Tayyib Smith’s new incubator, co-working and networking space aims to boost Black businesses in Philly

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Future-Proofing Work: Building A Tech Talent System

Other cities are capitalizing on the disruptions caused by the pandemic to rebrand themselves as innovation hubs. Can Philly do the same?

By Anne Gemmell

“Recovery Doesn’t Happen by Accident”

In Chicago, Lori Lightfoot is out with a visionary post-Covid plan. A group of Philly civic leaders are working on doing the same. Here’s hoping it’s a first step.

By Larry Platt

Future-Proofing Work: Calling all CEOs

An expert on the Future of Work discusses the steps employers can take to create opportunities for Philadelphians in the post-Covid economy

By Anne Gemmell