Guest Commentary: A Return to Environmental Protection

Philadelphians, especially the most vulnerable, face increasing devastation due to climate change. Local clean air advocates look to President-elect Biden to renew a much-needed partnership to help the city and the planet

By Russell Zerbo and Christina D. Rosan

Ideas We Should Steal: 10 ways to fix our garbage mess

State Rep. Jared Solomon spent a day picking up city trash to understand just how bad Philly is at waste. Here, some ways to do better

By Jessica Blatt Press

Photo Essay: Grow Your Own

With Covid-19 food shortages looming, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society mobilized thousands of gardeners to grow food and feed their neighbors this year—an act that builds community resilience. Here, some gardening photos to inspire your own growing season.

By Katherine Rapin and Sabina Louise Pierce

Business for Good: The Kitchen Garden Series

A former costume designer is now working to upend the textiles industry and revive an old Philly tradition by producing local linen

By Courtney DuChene

How to Fix Philly’s Trash Problem

As garbage piles up all over town, the city’s former Waste and Litter Czar shares what he’s learned about how to clean it up. Hint: It requires good leadership.

By Nicolas Esposito

Guest Commentary: Philly’s Hot Weather Health Crisis

Heat and Covid-19 could make this the most dangerous summer on record. Two urban environmentalists with ways to make a more sustainable, resilient and just city .

By Russell Zerbo and Christina D. Rosan

Foodizen: Revolutionizing Your Meat

While national suppliers come up short during the pandemic, Philly’s Primal Supply Meats is keeping fridges stocked and local farmers afloat. That’s good for our diets—and our economy

By Brianna Baker

How to Grow Food in Philly

Philly’s garden pros share practical advice on how to grow food at home in the city—whether you have a small yard or a sunny windowsill

By Katherine Rapin