“Build Your Own Brand”

Could the key to turning around Philly schools come down to human connection? Robeson High School Principal Richard Gordon IV thinks so—and he has the outcomes to prove it

By Jessica Blatt Press

Home Schooling

The ParentChild+ program has boosted high school graduation among Philly’s most vulnerable children—by showing up at their homes

By Jessica Blatt Press

Guest Commentary: Teaching Black Children is a Revolutionary Act

The director of a Black teacher training program pens an open letter to new educators for their “subversive act of hope”

By Sharif El-Mekki

Yesterday’s Protests, Today

In 1967, thousands of students marched to protest inadequate schooling for Black Philadelphians. In this new moment of racial uprising, a group of high schoolers won the right to honor them.

By Isabel Mehta

Grabbing the Bullhorn

A new citywide student-run newspaper is a connection among Philly high schoolers—something missing even before the pandemic

By Courtney DuChene

Citizen of the Week: Kelli Wyatt

The middle school teacher started a Facebook group that has connected 600 high school seniors with “adopters” to help them celebrate their graduation—and raise money for college expenses

By Courtney DuChene

16 Ways to Help Schools Now

The school year is ending soon. But the educational needs of our students, teachers and schools are greater than ever

By Jessica Blatt Press

How to Remake Schools

Eight questions to consider as we look to reopening schools in Philly

By Jessica Blatt Press