Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2019: Can States Save the Country?

The attorneys general of PA and NY will talk about fairness, justice and the rule of law at the second annual Ideas We Should Steal Festival next Tuesday

By Jessica Press

Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2019: Can Basketball Keep People Out of Prison?

Police say returning citizen Taylor Paul’s inner-city league for young adults and cops in Richmond, Virginia, has markedly reduced the gun violence rate.

By Larry Platt

Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2019: City Workers as Problem-Solvers

A conversation with Brian Elms, a speaker at next week’s Ideas We Should Steal Festival, on how empowering employees can make cities work better for everyone

By Bloomberg Cities

Ideas We Should Steal: CultureHouse

The Boston-area nonprofit builds indoor pop-up community spaces in vacant storefronts, spurring foot traffic and connections. Can a group of intrigued Philadelphians successfully bring it here?

By Jill Harkins

Ideas We Should Steal: Reusable Bag Share

As City Council considers banning plastic bags, Green Philly highlights a Collingswood program that could make going bag-free easier for consumers and businesses

By Brianna Baker

Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2019: Reducing Poverty—Together

In Canada, communities lifted more than 200,000 families out of poverty in seven years. Check out this story from June, and then learn more at our 2nd Annual Ideas We Should Steal Festival

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Ideas We Should Steal: A Fairer Evictions Court

Proposed legislation would provide free lawyers for Philly tenants at risk of evictions, similar to how defendants are guaranteed counsel in criminal court. Could it help even the playing field here, as it has in New York City?

By Steve Volk

Ideas We Should Steal: Swap Columbus Day for an Election Day Holiday

The small city of Sandusky, Ohio, cancelled the out-of-step holiday in favor of one much needed. We should do that in Philly, too.

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy