Citizens of the Week: Gaye Harley and Jamie Powell

The Delaware hospital staffers are making sleeping mats and tote bags for the homeless—out of discarded operating room fabric

By Jessica Press

Citizens of the Week: Katel LeDû and Sara Wachter-Boettcher

The Philly duo works to empower women through their Strong Feelings podcast and live events—without the b.s.

By Ariday Marie Sued

Citizens of the Week: Debbie and Eric Sasson

With Camp Akeela, a Philly-area native and her husband offer kids who have trouble connecting with their peers a chance to experience the magic of overnight camp

By Elizabeth Warner

Citizen of the Week: Donte Fassett

The operator of Mason Meals delivers healthy, delicious food to preschoolers around the city

By Benjamin Butz-Weidner

Citizen of the Week: Laurada Byers

With her new book, the founder of Russell Byers Charter School inspires by telling deep truths

By Jessica Press

Citizens Of The Week: Philly’s Teachers

It’s the last day of public school in Philly. Let’s give teachers a hand as they embark on their much-deserved summer break

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Citizens of the Week: 10,000 White Women—Doing the Work

There's no perfect way to talk about race. But four friends are igniting conversations among a group that could use more of them: white women

By Jessica Press

Citizens of the Week: Joanie Balderstone and Rebecca McIntire

South Jersey non-profit Distributing Dignity provides women in need with bras and other goods that often go overlooked—but are essential to any woman’s well-being

By Jessica Press