Citizen of the Week: Evan Ehlers

Two years ago, the Drexel student donated 50 uneaten dining hall meals to the homeless. Now he’s started a company to share college food excess citywide

By Patrick Bilow

Citizen of the Week: George Boyd

The Plymouth Meeting retiree read about the plight of a Puerto Rican hurricane evacuee family. Then he stepped up to help

By Syra Ortiz-Blanes

The Citizen Recommends: Hot Dogs

Because civic engagement begins (and ends, really) with sausage

By Jamie Bogert

Citizen Of The Week: Nasihah Thompson-King

As her Mastery-Shoemaker principal attests, the high schooler benched from basketball because of her hijab is a freedom fighter for our times

By Sharif El-Mekki

Citizen of the Week: Scott Blunk

The volunteer at W.B. Saul High School’s on-campus farm is taking what was once seen as troublesome and expensive animal waste and transforming it from poo to profit

By Jill Harkins

Citizen of the Week: Kyle Shenandoah

The Millenial from Forgotten Bottom realized he had to be the change he wanted to see in his neighborhood. So he jumped all in

By Samara Ahmed

Citizen of the Week: Charito Morales

After her brother died of an overdose in front of her at a North Philly drug encampment, the nurse put action to his last words: Maybe you can help these other guys.

By Sharon Christner

Citizen of the Week: Angela Val

The Point Breeze resident could have just cleaned the litter on her small block. Instead, she launched a community effort for the whole neighborhood

By Patrick Bilow