Kristin Long is Director of Sales & Philanthropy for The Citizen, responsible for event sponsorships, grants and other philanthropic donations. She is a longtime broadcast executive with a special proclivity for political and issue advocacy. Kristin is a former Executive Director for Philly Ad Club.

Kristin is especially proud of her volunteerism for The Police Athletic League, her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from Villanova University and her recognition from American Women in Radio & Television for “20 Women Who Rule”. Her pro bono side hustle is coaching and counseling workplace newbies and the underemployed. 

Kristin loves all things Philadelphia and she is a pushy ambassadress for you to love them, too. She is a concert and conference junkie and her car knows the way to the South Philadelphia Sports Complex. Surveyed, she has a favorite team (The Phillies), a favorite music venue (The Mann Center) and a favorite restaurant (Zahav). Mad props to The Founding Fathers for her favorite preamble: We the People.