The Ultimate 2024 PA Primary Election Guide

The April 23 race includes important Attorney General, State Auditor and Senate races. Oh yeah, and that Presidential thing

By Julie Platt and Lauren McCutcheon

420 and Beyond — What’s the Deal with Weed in PA?

Marijuana’s official holiday is approaching. How you can celebrate, get a medical marijuana card, and help PA join its neighbors in legalizing recreational pot

By Lauren McCutcheon and Christina Griffith

“Ghost Guns Are A Nightmare”

On the heels of settling a lawsuit with Philly, the nation’s largest manufacturer of controversial ghost gun kits has now been sued by a local victim’s parents. Are we finally catching up to the ghost gun crisis?

By Mensah M. Dean

Her Body, Her (Beautiful) Self

The three-year-old Body Empowerment Project has helped students in 17 Philadelphia schools accept — and embrace — their physical selves this year. Support their work at their year-end party on April 25

By Natalie Pompilio

Listen: Ali Velshi Has Hope For The Hostages

The MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member on the necessity of hope for the innocent men, women and children taken hostage by Hamas six months ago

By Ali Velshi

“Unacceptable” Work

George Matysik has led Philly’s Share Food Program to become the largest hunger relief organization in the region. So why does he think he shouldn’t have the job at all?

By Rachel Wisniewski

Philly Universities Must Invest In Young Students

A longtime university president on why all local institutions should emulate Temple's Saturday College

By Elaine Maimon

Is My Recycling Being … Recycled?

Philadelphians' skepticism about the City’s waste policies has led to an abysmal recycling rate. Here’s what really happens after you put out your blue bin — and how the City could do more

By Courtney DuChene