Talking ‘Bout A Revolution

Mayor Kenney’s dissolving of the SRC is an opportunity to take a page from Silicon Valley and radically rethink education.

By Ajay Raju

Residents to Kenney: Clean our streets

A recent resident survey found that Philadelphians care about clean streets more than easy parking

By Jon Geeting

At What Price Soda Tax?

A recent TV investigative report of the city’s pre-K initiative raises questions about just what it means to be progressive in Philadelphia

By Larry Platt

Staying Ahead of Educational Tsunamis

A public school principal argues that real education reform requires measuring schools more broadly and fixing them more locally

By Hilderbrand Pelzer III


A WURD host notes the way media and politicians worry over violence—except when it’s in poor neighborhoods

By Charles D. Ellison

Crisis? What Crisis?

Mayor Kenney says his budget gets the pension fund 80 percent funded in 13 years. Does it?

By Larry Platt

Listening to Jeff Brown

He has done more to bring fresh food to inner cities than any other grocer—as with his upscale, affordable new store on Monument Road. So why is the Mayor attacking him over the soda tax?

By Larry Platt

The Citizen Updates: Healthy Rowhouse Project

The two-year-old nonprofit and the city discuss a low-interest loan program—one of the first in the country—to help homeowners repair their houses

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Is the Soda Tax Legal?

It’s likely to pass City Council on Thursday. But will it amount to nothing?

By Stephen St.Vincent

Flubbing Politics

Mayor Kenney’s soda tax initiative seems to be crumbling around him—and he has no one to blame but himself

By Stephen St.Vincent