What to do about a problem like Pat Meehan

PA’s 7th District is up for grabs—but not that kind of grabbing. Can we elect a woman, please?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Turning Resistance Into Action

A year after Trumpocalypse, protests in Philly are down...but action is up

By Mark Dent

Change The World. Run for Office

2018 is an election year for at least one office that’s relatively easy to win all over the city: Committeeperson

By Jon Geeting

Do Something: Add To The Climate Change Time Capsule

Fight the prison-industrial complex, get to the bottom of what actually happened in the DNC 2016 primaries, and take a stand against climate disaster this week. Keep reading to learn more!

By Samara Ahmed

Reality Check: Who Really Won This Election?

As WURD’s afternoon host notes, it wasn’t voters, despite our celebration of 20 percent turnout

By Charles D. Ellison

Citizen Mystery Shopper (Part 11)

On polling irregularities and Eagles parking mishaps

How Not to Get Voting Reform

The farcical special election last spring in the 197th District shows just how much local Democracy is on life support

By Ali Perelman

How to Vote

One citizen's pick for judges, what to look for on your ballot and ways to reform our electoral system—starting with your vote Tuesday

14 Reasons To Vote on Tuesday

Democracy is hard. Voting is easy

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

The Citizen Election Reform Guide

Increasing voter turnout means increasing opportunities to vote. Some ideas to fix our broken system