The Citizen Recommends: Michael Smerconish’s “Divided We Stand”

The Sirius XM talk show host, CNN pundit and Inquirer columnist has posted a speech that is the best explanation yet for how Trumpism came to be

By Larry Platt

Reality Check: Just How Much Influence Does the Philly FOP Have?

WURD’s afternoon host suggests we follow the money—and that grassroots groups start playing the same political game

By Charles D. Ellison

Do Something: Love, Fred Hampton-style

A play about Civil Rights martyr Fred Hampton, a chance to learn about voting and who to vote for, adopt a new pet and other phenomenal ways to be a good citizen this week.

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

At What Price Soda Tax?

A recent TV investigative report of the city’s pre-K initiative raises questions about just what it means to be progressive in Philadelphia

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: On Race And Place, Philly Needs One Set of Rules

A good government advocate finds the common thread in Black Lives Matter and anti-median parking activists

By Brett Mandel

Guest Commentary: Why Millennials Matter

A pair of Pennsylvania political analysts explain the impact of 80 million Millennials on American politics. Hint: It could be huge

By G. Terry Madonna and Michael L. Young

Rizzo, A Modest Proposal

The Kenney administration wants ideas on what to do with the statue. Here’s one that will show Philly is committed to talking to itself about race

By Larry Platt

Reality Check: Context, Anyone?

As controversial memorials come down nationwide—including, potentially, Rizzo—WURD’s afternoon hosts wonders how much those doing the debating actually know

By Charles D. Ellison

GUEST COMMENTARY: Who Will Be Our Next Leader?

The Republican party has a generational opportunity…but it needs to reject racism, the Alt-Right and Donald Trump

By Seth Berger

The Equivocator-in-Chief

The president is a master at moral equivocation. As local activists set sights on the Rizzo statue, let’s answer him by making it a teachable moment

By Larry Platt