Is Philly In Denial About Its Jobs Problem?

WURD’s afternoon host contends unemployment is worse than officials want you to know

By Charles D. Ellison

The Not Ready For Prime Time D.A.

Larry Krasner’s week one debacle was more about inexperience than ideology. Can he grow into the job?

By Larry Platt

How To Run For (Local) Office

A guide to becoming your neighborhood’s new Committeeperson

By Jon Geeting

The Opposite of Welfare Reform

GOP-sponsored state legislation aimed at reducing welfare costs may just end up costing you more

By Diana Lind

The Letdown of the Political Memoir

Michael Nutter has written a book that raises an important question: Why?

By Larry Platt



Book Signing: The New Localism

Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018
5:30 pm-7:30 pm

at The HIVE

Join authors Bruce Katz and Jeremy Nowak for a conversation about those who hold the real power in cities today—the problem-solvers.  

“Power Belongs To The Problem Solvers”

In an excerpt from the book The New Localism, innovative cities are seen as the answer to partisan conflict

By Bruce Katz and Jeremy Nowak

Change The World. Run for Office

2018 is an election year for at least one office that’s relatively easy to win all over the city: Committeeperson

By Jon Geeting

Thank God For Charlie Dent

Catching up with the Republican congressman from the Lehigh Valley who has become the most reasonable man in politics

By Larry Platt

Divide and Rule, Philly-Style

Whether it’s legislation targeting Korean delis or street drummers, are progressives playing into Trump’s hands?

By Larry Platt