Resurrecting The Happy Warrior

Ed Rendell’s endorsement of a young Indiana mayor to head the Democratic Party is a much-needed answer to the status quo

By Larry Platt

Guest Commentary: Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

President Trump, we’re holding a place setting for you

By Seth Berger

Seth’s Shame

Using one particular word when announcing he wouldn’t seek reelection may be embattled DA Seth Williams’ greatest contribution to the city

By Larry Platt

Moving Forward

In a new report, Paul Levy lays bare why Philly lags behind in economic growth … and what we can do about it.

By Larry Platt

How Gerrymandering Got Sexy

Fair Districts PA is calling for better redistricting, to ensure fairer elections. And thousands of Pennsylvanians are rallying behind them

By Stephen St.Vincent

Show Us the Money Plan

Jim Kenney got his soda tax. But his Chamber of Commerce address leaves unanswered where the economic growth is going to come from

By Larry Platt

The Bully-in-Chief

Is Donald Trump responsible for an increase in school bullying?

By David A. Love

Guest Commentary: Stand for Principle First

Forty years ago, former Congressman Michael J. Bradley was honored for being a politician who was honest and decent. His grandson calls for more of that

By David Bradley

Answering Trump: Let’s Get Bigger

In the third of a series, a Drexel professor imagines three local game-changing initiatives. This week: city and county consolidation

By Richardson Dilworth

Are You Talking About Me?

The trouble with Trump’s immigrant ban? According to one non-citizen permanent resident, it’s unworkable

By Iain Levison