Reality Check: Context, Anyone?

As controversial memorials come down nationwide—including, potentially, Rizzo—WURD’s afternoon hosts wonders how much those doing the debating actually know

By Charles D. Ellison

GUEST COMMENTARY: Who Will Be Our Next Leader?

The Republican party has a generational opportunity…but it needs to reject racism, the Alt-Right and Donald Trump

By Seth Berger

The Equivocator-in-Chief

The president is a master at moral equivocation. As local activists set sights on the Rizzo statue, let’s answer him by making it a teachable moment

By Larry Platt

Median Matters

What we’re talking about when we talk about South Philly parking wars

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Civility, We Hardly Knew Ye

When Black Lives Matter shut down a City Hall press conference, it was proof that shouting and name-calling have become our common language

By Larry Platt

How To Achieve Parking Peace

Want a simple solution to neighborhood parking angst? Let’s try a “Cap-and-Trade” parking permit system

By Jon Geeting

Ideas We Should Steal: Institutional Racism Task Force

Austin faced uncomfortable truths about the city's inequities with a deep look into its racist past. Maybe it’s time for Philly to confront its own history

By Quinn O'Callaghan

The Art of Misdirection

Donald Trump’s attack on transgender rights is an attempt to create political chaos. It’s from an all-too-familiar playbook

By Jeremy Nowak

Guest Commentary: Democrats Need More Than A New Slogan

A local Rabbi and political watcher urges his party to aim higher than a “Better Deal”

By Seymour Rosenbloom

The New States’ Rights

Attorneys General, including our own Josh Shapiro, are taking a controversial old term…and redefining it

By David A. Love