Growing Home

Refugees from Bhutan and Nepal are reuniting with their farmer roots in South Philly. It’s not just nostalgia for their agrarian past; it’s also a path to jobs

By Quinn O'Callaghan

Citizen of the Week: InKind Baking Project

Center City’s Molly Lester says you don’t have to march to be civically engaged. You can bake

By Amanda Lien

Just What Is A Sanctuary City?

Everything you always wanted to know about the debate no one knows anything about. A special report.

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

I Grew Up in the Desert

A high school principal who was a child in Iran reflects on what immigrant and refugee students need most: an education that embraces their difference

By Sharif El-Mekki

Dine 4 Democracy

Powered by The Philadelphia Citizen, the monthly dinner series in March supports immigration and refugee programs.

Do Something: Buy Refugee Textiles

A burgeoning South Philly textile co-op hosts a pop-up for Valentine's Day. Plus, attend a luncheon to benefit the Mazzoni Center, pack up books for prisoners and more ways to be a beautiful citizen this week

By Josh Middleton

Meet the Disruptor: Borderwise

The startup’s legal app helps immigrants apply for their Green Cards. In response to Pres. Trump, they'll do it for just $1

By Quinn O'Callaghan

Are You Talking About Me?

The trouble with Trump’s immigrant ban? According to one non-citizen permanent resident, it’s unworkable

By Iain Levison

The Citizen Recommends: Speaking Truth to Trump on Immigration

A short video by New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristof reminds the President of their shared immigrant past

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

The Theft Nobody Sees

Throughout Philadelphia and the nation, an epidemic of wage theft leaves workers wondering why they’re not getting what’s owed them

By David A. Love