Meet the Civic Innovators

The Citizen recognizes a few of the Civic Innovators bringing forth change in Philly

By Larry Platt

Citizen Of The Week: Cheryl Rice’s You Matter Marathon

You Matter started as a local woman’s simple message of appreciation for her neighbors. Now it's making its way around the globe

By Jamie Bogert

Citizen of the Week: Barbara Matteucci

The rheumatologist-turned teacher transformed a moribund schoolyard into a burgeoning teaching garden

By Nicole Gieselman

Citizens of the Week: Lauren Summers and Nicole Buchholz

The Grad Hospital residents were tired of spending summers at their bleak old public pool. So they turned it into a colorful welcoming neighborhood hub

By Karen Chernick

Citizen of the Week: Caravan of Hope

PhillyGayLawyer Angela Giampolo plans to take her legal services to LGBTQ people where they need it most—small town America

By Amanda Lien

Citizen of the Week: The Food Connector

Megha Kulshreshtha launched an app that bridges a disturbing gap between the food wasted by restaurants and Philadelphians who go hungry

By Annie McDonough

Citizen of the Week: InKind Baking Project

Center City’s Molly Lester says you don’t have to march to be civically engaged. You can bake

By Amanda Lien

The Citizen Updates: The Monkey & The Elephant

Cafe owner Lisa Miccolis is nominated for a Mayor’s Philly Hero award for her work with young adults who’ve aged out of foster care

By Amanda Lien

Citizen of the Week: Simon Bonenfant

An 8th grader at St. Lucy Day School for Children with Visual Impairments is already more politically active than most Philadelphians

By Gillian McGoldrick

Citizen of the Week: Sunday Love Project

Fishtown resident Margaux Murphy started buying meals for the homeless on Christmas two years ago. Now she serves home-cooked lunches to 200 needy people every Sunday

By Saurav Upadhyay