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EVENT: Total Impact Philadelphia 2019


Omar Woodard

Executive Director, Greenlight Fund Philadephia

Valerie Red-Horse Mohl

Executive Director, Social Venture Circle

Chrissy Houlahan

U.S. Rep & founding B Lab COO

Joy Anderson

President & Founder, Criterion Venture


Join ImpactPHL for its second annual Total Impact conference bringing together Philadelphians who seek to align their business portfolios with their social values. In other words: doing good with your wallet.

“Impact investing” is how many investors, philanthropists and financial advisors have reframed the idea of traditional investments, by supporting companies and organizations with a social impact—and Philly’s become a hub for it.

The conference, for which The Citizen is a media sponsor, will feature social impact financial leaders, including Criterion Venture’s Joy Anderson; U.S. Rep. and founding B Lab COO Chrissy Houlahan;  Social Venture Circle’s Valerie Red-Horse Mohl; GreenLight Fund Philadelphia’s Omar Woodard; and CNote’s Catherine Berman.

Click on the logo below for discounted tickets for Citizen readers:

Photo via Total Impact PHL

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