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The Citizen Recommends: Mission Story Slam

Calling all nonprofit and do-good business leaders: Share your successes, your failures, your hilarious mishaps—and maybe win some money

Calling all nonprofit and do-good business leaders: Share your successes, your failures, your hilarious mishaps—and maybe win some money

Any good nonprofit founder can recall “that moment:” The moment when the seed that had been burrowed in the depths of their brain finally sprouted its first leaf. The moment when the scaries subsided just long enough to let in the, I can do this attitude that led to the start of something great. Or to something failed.

But that’s where all the best storytelling begins.

For centuries upon centuries, storytelling has been the way our humanity connects with itself. Through words, written or spoken or written then spoken, we have used the art of storytelling to convey love, anger, hunger, truth.

PWPvideo, has been working to help nonprofits and sustainable businesses across Philadelphia tell their stories since 2000. The company, a member of the Sustainable Business Network of Philadelphia and a Certified B Corporation, works to provide promotional video, video for social, educational programming and more for organizations across the region, including the Free Library of Pennsylvania, ACLU-PA and Women Against Abuse.

Tomorrow, PWPvideo is inviting nonprofits across the city to participate in a different sort of storytelling: A Mission Story Slam.

“So often we only see our clients in a business setting,” says David Winston, producer and storyteller at PWPvideo. “We thought it might be interesting to hear why they do what they do. what drives them to work in their industry. Hearing those stories is very moving and motivating, as well.”

The idea is to gather the hardworking folks working in Philly’s nonprofit and Triple Bottom Line (companies concerned with people, planet and profits) community, hand them a drink, and encourage them to share “That moment.” At the event, PWPvideo will randomly select 10 storytellers, who will be given five minutes to share the details of the failures, successes, tears, and laughs from their own organization’s journeys.

“Some nights you can just get your heart torn out, they can be really inspiring,” Winston says. As a storyteller himself who has performed at The Moth and other venues, Winston hopes participants can take the time to enjoy each other’s company and take a break from the intensity of working in the nonprofit sector.

The event will be held at Yard’s Brewery and have a panel of three judges who will vote on the best stories: David Fair, deputy chief executive officer of Turning Points for Children; Anuj Gupta, general manager of Reading Terminal Market; and Megan Maltenfort, senior manager of Corporate Social Responsibility at Campbell. Civic engagement consultant Chris Satullo, former news director at WHYY and Inquirer editorial page editor, will emcee.

At the end of the night, the first place winner will get $250 toward their favorite charity; 2nd place will get $100; and all 10 participants will be videoed by PWPVideo staff, who will package and make the film available to them for free.

MISSION Story Slam, Tuesday, May 22, 6 pm free brewery tour at Yard’s Brewery, event begins 7 pm, $15 online, $20 at the door, Yard’s Brewery, 500 Spring Garden St. Register Here

Photo via PWPVIdeo

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