Mystery Shopper: Registering to Vote for the First Time

Our city-dwelling, non-driving Mystery Shopper turned 18 a few months before the election. Why was it so hard to register to vote?

By Citizen Mystery Shopper

2024 Integrity Icon: Eric Kapenstein

The Deputy City Commissioner helping to oversee election integrity and efficacy cut his teeth in 2020 — and is ready to bring that fairness and accuracy to our next big election

By Lauren McCutcheon

RECAP: Small Acts of Courage Book Launch with Ali Velshi

The MSNBC anchor and chief correspondent debuted his memoir, a series of stories about what it means to be a citizen of a democracy

By Lauren McCutcheon

Your 2024 Good (Philadelphia) Citizen Calendar

The dates you need and things to do in Philadelphia to make this year your civic best

By Lauren McCutcheon

The New Urban Order: Vote Like Your City Depends On It …

because it does. And this year’s election may prove that

By Diana Lind

Listen: Ali Velshi on the Danger of the Protest Vote

The MSNBC anchor and Citizen Board member is not casting a protest vote in the general election, and neither should you. Here's why

By Ali Velshi

Could an “Ice Cream Truck” for Voting Protect PA’s Ballots?

This swing state rejects thousands of mail ballots a year over minor errors. A Montgomery County official wants to help voters cure their ballots where they live

By Alex Burness

Citizen of the Week: Vivek Babu

Thanks to the efforts led by Drexel’s undergraduate student president, the university will for the first time give students the day off for voting and engagement on Election Day 2024, the latest in a string of election advocacy successes.

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy