Your City Defined: The City Budget

Mayor Parker kicked off budget season with her $6 billion budget proposal to City Council. Here’s what that means, and what happens now

By J.P. Romney

Mystery Shopper: Clawing Out of Philly Taxpayer Hell

The most-taxed big city in America claimed our Mystery Shopper owed more than $30,000 in unpaid business taxes that were already paid. Cue long wait times. Ineptitude. Mounting accountant’s bills. Confusion. Collections … and more

By Citizen Mystery Shopper

The Housing Opportunity Hidden in Plain Sight

When it comes to finding more affordable homes for their residents, Drexel’s Metro Finance Head says, cities should look at current housing stock, offer incentives — and move fast.

By Bruce Katz and Andrew Gibbs

Investment? What Investment?

Philly is blowing its chance to use its federal rescue funds to directly address intractable problems. Will Mayor Parker’s new budget follow Governor Shapiro’s blueprint and propose an “invest and grow” plan?

By Larry Platt

Philly, Get Your Tax Refund

Every year, about 40,000 Philadelphians don’t file for an Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or Child Tax Credit (CTC), leaving $100 million dollars unclaimed. Let’s fix that.

By Lauren McCutcheon and Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Philly, Get Free Help Filing your Taxes

National and local programs offer completely free tax-filing services to people living in and around Philly.

By Nick Fiorellini and Lauren McCutcheon

Time For a Taxpayer Seal of Approval

A financial analyst calls on local and state governments to report how much they pay their employees — without delay

By Tony Lynch

Keep Pennsylvanians … in Pennsylvania

The state is losing residents to less expensive and less taxed states down south. We must prove, a free-market analyst urges, that we are “open for business”

By Nathan Benefield