Caitlin Clark, Race and the WNBA

A public intellectual and former Penn professor on how Black women are once again getting the short end of the sports media narrative

By Michael Eric Dyson

Art for Change: Championing Art with Words

For more than two decades, Roberta Fallon’s Artblog has amplified Philadelphia art and artists — work that is more important than ever. The next in a series with Forman Arts Initiative

By Logan Cryer

Excerpt: “You’re In This Fight”

How a peaceful march, a misguided cop and a rubber bullet turned Canadian-born (by way of Kenya, South Africa and India) Ali Velshi into a true American. An excerpt from Small Acts of Courage, the MSNBC anchor and Citizen board member’s new memoir, launching May 7, in Philly

By Ali Velshi

Guest Commentary: Local News Matters

What do a historic muckraker, the corruption trial of Johnny Doc, and the long arc of justice in Philadelphia have in common? A robust local newspaper

By Anthony Green

Keeping Local Media Afloat

Today, The Lenfest Institute for Journalism granted The Philadelphia Citizen — and 16 other local media organizations — beaucoup funds to sustain and grow

By Lauren McCutcheon

Stop Feeding the Polarization Beast

A Shippensburg politics professor has an important message for anyone who cares about American democracy

By Alison Dagnes

Guest Commentary: Urban Doom Loop … Really?

A story in the Wall Street Journal last week singled Philly out for having an empty office district. The head of the Center City District wonders: Do facts even matter anymore?

By Paul R. Levy

Meet the Philadelphia Documenters

Resolve Philly introduces a Chicago-born program to make sure everyone knows what’s going on in city meetings. Transparency and jobs ensue.

By Courtney DuChene