Should We Protect States’ Rights?

When does federal oversight impinge on the needs of local citizens? A local public policy professional wonders: Is it time to abandon the 17th Amendment?

By Jemille Q. Duncan

“Why Would They Do This?”

An Afghan teacher, a U.S. author and the Philly-fueled rescue from Taliban oppression

By Christina Griffith

Listen: Ali Velshi Banned Book Club Special Edition on The U.S. Constitution

The MSNBC host speaks with professors and authors Akhil Reed Amar and Jeffrey Rosen on competing interpretations of our founding document

By Ali Velshi

Philadelphia Celebrates Juneteenth 2023

A three-day weekend makes it easy to enjoy more of the city’s biggest events in Germantown, West Philadelphia, Southwest and Old City — and then some

By Abigail Chang and Lauren McCutcheon

Action Civics for the Win

At Philly’s first Civics Day, high schoolers from across the city proved what we all need to hear right now: Our future is in good hands

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Know Your Constitution

Every educated citizen should understand America’s founding document — for the sake of our republic. In time for Constitution Day, a longtime college president urges its study from pre-K to grad school

By Elaine Maimon

Guest Commentary: Attention High School Students — Get Your Free Art Here

The executive director of Art-Reach touts STAMP, the under-used citywide program that gives all 62,000 Philadelphia high school students free admission to 20 of the city’s top museums and attractions

By John Orr

Is Elon Musk a Free Speech Savior?

On the cusp on his Twitter takeover, a Constitution Center event this week reframed the plutocrat for your consideration — and reminded us of the First Amendment's magic

By Larry Platt