What U.S. Cities Can Teach the World

Drexel’s Metro Finance head is helping the United Kingdom plan the future of its cities — using America as a model

By Bruce Katz

The Equity Test

The Enterprise Center, Equity Alliance and Drexel’s Nowak Metro Finance Lab have co-created a plan to revive small, minority-owned businesses on Philly’s 52nd Street Corridor. Here’s why it matters

By Bruce Katz

Upholding Nowak’s Vision

Reinvestment Fund launches three initiatives in Jeremy Nowak’s honor that marry the late Citizen chairman’s singular commitment to thinking big—and doing even better

By Jessica Blatt Press

Guest Commentary: “Give Yourself Permission”

One year after the death of civic leader Jeremy Nowak, a trio of urban innovators he inspired remembers his advice—and work to live it

By Priya Mammen and Chris Spahr and Michael O'Bryan

The Nowak Urban Innovation Award Goes to…

The Women's Community Revitalization Project won $50,000 to bring "development without displacement" to Grays Ferry

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

Guest Commentary: The Opportunity Zone Firehose

The director of Drexel’s Nowak Metro Finance Lab on how Trump's tax cut might actually save American cities

By Bruce Katz

How I Will Remember Jeremy Nowak

A friend and partner recalls the last acts of civic good from the Philadelphia giant—and Citizen chairman—who died last week

By Bruce Katz

A Force for Urban Change

In a joint project between The Citizen and The Inquirer, prominent Philadelphians weigh in with lessons culled from the life of civic icon & Citizen chairman Jeremy Nowak