How Cities Navigate the New Economic Order

This moment in history is scrambling how cities have operated for decades. Now, Drexel’s Metro Finance chief notes, is the time to find our place

By Bruce Katz and Jacob Flores

Ideas We Should Steal: Becoming a Manufacturing Hub

Pennsylvania lags behind Ohio, Michigan and other states in an economy-boosting 21st century manufacturing resurgence. Drexel’s Metro Finance head lays out what PA must do to catch up

By Bruce Katz, Milena Dovali, and Avanti Krovi

Memo to Madam Mayor: Radically Rethink Transit

The next in a series of political and policy advice to presumptive Mayor-elect Cherelle Parker offers a new way to think about getting around from a former city transportation official

By Robert Ravelli

The Growth Machine Agenda for Transportation and Infrastructure

Philly 3.0’s engagement director lays out what he believes our next mayor prioritize when it comes to all things SEPTA

By Jon Geeting

The I-95 Wake-Up Call

The message is clear, an environmental justice advocate says: We must Stop. Using. Fossil Fuels.

By Charles D. Ellison

The Choices We Make

Why we must spend the trillions of dollars in new federal funding to cities to innovate, create equitable economies and save our republic

By Bruce Katz

Watch: Infrastructure Is the New Black

Five things we learned about infrastructure at The Citizen’s most recent virtual event

By Jessica Blatt Press

What Philly Should Watch For in Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

Now is the time to implement major infrastructure and transportation changes that will benefit Philadelphians

By Jon Geeting