The Citizen Recommends: A Conversation with Emma Copley Eisenberg

Join the director of Philly writers hub Blue Stoop as she debuts her new book, a coming-of-age tale about murder, self-discovery and being a woman in America

By Kiersten A. Adams

Not Your Grandma’s Library

Like every generation before them, today’s teens just want a place to call their own. The basement of 1901 Vine Street provides just that

By Jessica Blatt Press

The Cure For Fake News?

A trustworthy media is key to a healthy democracy. That’s why, instead of wringing his hands over the death of facts, entrepreneurial journalist Steven Brill just might have a solution.

By Larry Platt

I is for Immigrant

It’s Welcoming Week in Philly and America. Al-Bustan’s Immigrant Alphabet offers 26 stories to honor it

By Katherine Rapin

The Citizen Recommends: Social Justice Symposium for Teens

The annual Free Library event, started by librarian Erin Hoopes, returns this weekend with an agenda for change

By Patrick Bilow

Beyond the Books

Fairhill’s Lillian Marrero library branch brings the poorest Philadelphians services that expand the definition of literacy far beyond the stacks. It’s a model for the future of libraries

By Syra Ortiz-Blanes

The Citizen Recommends: Steven Brill at The Free Library

His new book, Tailspin, may be the most important explanation yet of just how we got here

By Larry Platt

Dinner … At The Library?

The Culinary Literacy Center teaches cooking—and fosters community—among Philadelphians of all stripes

By Quinn O'Callaghan