Art For Change: The People’s Projectionist

Klip Collective founder Ricardo Rivera, known for dazzling projection pieces, cites music as his main inspiration, in the latest in our partnership with Forman Arts Initiative

By Logan Cryer

The Citizen Recommends: Free Speech Film Festival

The American INSIGHT festival, which culminates with an awards program in Philadelphia on Saturday, explores a fundamental insight: Without free speech, we aren’t really free.

By Lauren Earline Leonard

The Citizen Recommends: The Tunnel Premiere

West Philadelphia filmmaker Kyle Jordan debuts a suspenseful short about the lingering, haunting effects of everyday Black trauma

By Lauren McCutcheon

George Carlin and Me

A riveting HBO documentary on the philosopher comic prompts some warm memories — and reminds us of what’s missing from today’s public conversation

By Larry Platt

The Citizen Recommends: Short Films From Kensington, North Philly, and Germantown

The Bryn Mawr Film Institute’s documentary film series aims to showcase the culture, community, and good works of often overlooked Philly neighborhoods

By Christina Griffith

The Citizen Recommends: Four Seasons Total Documentary

Big (huge!) thanks to MSNBC for bringing us Four Seasons Total Documentary, delving into just what actually happened on the one-year anniversary of the fiasco.

By Katherine Rapin

The Citizen Recommends: Our American Family

Hallee Adelman’s latest film is a raw and empathetic portrait of one local family’s struggle with—and determination to break free of—opioid addiction.

By Katherine Rapin

The Citizen Recommends: BlackStar Film Festival

Come together to support and celebrate the visionary work of Black, brown, and indigenous filmmakers from August 4 through 8

By Isabelle Eisenberg