Business for Good: Lluna

A Philadelphia-born, Comcast-boosted app helps improve employees’ quality of life — and employers’ quality of work

By Courtney DuChene

Your City Defined: Philly’s Weirdest Sports Superstitions

Wanna win another World Series or Super Bowl, Philadelphia? Don’t plan a parade, build a William Penn-less skyscraper, or turn the economy around

By J.P. Romney

The Citizen Recommends: Walk to Stamp out Parkinson’s

How a small nonprofit with a big mission to raise funds for research and patient support turned inward to ensure it was serving the most vulnerable — Parkinsonians of color

By Lauren McCutcheon

The Citizen, Fitler Club and Comcast Launch Event Series

Beginning with a July 14 education panel, the groundbreaking programming brings together local and national leaders to recontextualize how democracy flourishes in a modern Philadelphia.

Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2020: Shattering The Glass Ceiling

Join The Citizen for lessons in breaking business barriers and building diversity, from the women who are doing it

By Christine Speer Lejeune

A Crack in the Permanent Establishment

The ascension of Wharton’s Erika James, IBX’s Gregory Deavens and Comcast’s Dalila Wilson-Scott points to refreshing change among the city’s leadership class

By Larry Platt

Collaboration to the Rescue!

With the recent announcement to provide Wi-Fi to 35,000 low-income student households, city leaders showed that they can leave their silos in order to forge real change

By Jessica Blatt Press

Guest Commentary: Let Children Learn

Comcast has stepped in to bridge America’s digital divide during the Covid-19 pandemic. A local educator urges the FCC to make all cable companies do the same so all children can learn virtually

By Zachary Wright