50+ ways to help fight climate change

Taking action to protect our planet is the work of our lifetime. Ready to dive in? Here are 50+ ways you can actually make an impact.

By Katherine Rapin and Josh Middleton

How Cities Can Fight Climate Change

Drexel’s Metro Finance director talks to Iina Oilinki, the head of Helsinki’s ambitious effort to curb its polluting emissions, about how business and government can work together to save the environment

By Bruce Katz

A Green Stimulus for Philly

Penn’s resident climate wonk co-wrote a letter urging Congress to green its pandemic response. Could the public investments he supports help solve Philly’s poverty epidemic, too?

By Brianna Baker

The Other Crisis We Can’t Ignore

What we can learn about fighting climate change from our fight against the coronavirus.

By Brianna Baker

In It Together

Local activist and entrepreneur Judy Wicks’ newest project aims to unite and strengthen our state’s regional economies. It could be just what we all need in this time of climate—and coronavirus—crisis.

By Brianna Baker

(Environmental) Justice for All

North Philly’s Serenity Soular is training workers and installing solar panels in communities hardest hit by climate change

By Courtney DuChene

Can Big Money Rescue the Climate?

Fixing the environment is a moral—and financial—imperative. Already, Drexel’s Metro Finance Lab director notes, 2020 is proving transformative

By Bruce Katz and Colin Higgins

Guest Commentary: Say No to Methane

Methane emissions fuel the climate crisis and cost taxpayers millions of dollars annually. A clean air advocate urges a stop to proposed EPA rules allowing more of it.

By Joseph Otis Minott