The Citizen Recommends: An Evening with Author Alex Kotlowitz

At a Citizen event next Wednesday night, the New York Times bestselling author will discuss his latest, An American Summer: Love & Death in Chicago, in a conversation that will demonstrate the power of storytelling to move the needle on race and gun violence

By Larry Platt

Ideas We Should Steal Festival 2020: Driving Innovation in Education

Join us on December 15 to hear from Chicago Beyond’s Liz Dozier on how innovation fueled by empathy can upend how we educate children

By Katherine Rapin

Ideas We Should Steal: Winterizing Outdoor Dining

Chicago invited citizens to come up with solutions to the challenges of outdoor winter dining. Philly should put out the same call.

By Maddy Sweitzer-Lamme

“Recovery Doesn’t Happen by Accident”

In Chicago, Lori Lightfoot is out with a visionary post-Covid plan. A group of Philly civic leaders are working on doing the same. Here’s hoping it’s a first step.

By Larry Platt

Ideas We Should Steal: Using Civic Leaders to Make Government Smarter

Had your fill of incompetent local government? In Chicago, pro-bono civic leaders help implement smart policy

By Larry Platt

Election Blues

Some great things happened at the polls this week. So why was I tossing and turning after the results?

By Larry Platt

The Fix: Corruption Is On The Ballot…In Chicago!

Can the Windy City’s stunning mayoral election results serve as an object lesson for Philly?

By Larry Platt

Week 2: Connor Barwin’s Civic Season 2016

This week, the all-pro Eagle and citizen activist measures how our civic health stacks up against Chicago

By Connor Barwin