Guest Commentary: New Direction on Law Enforcement in Philly? Don’t Be So Sure.

Parker makes a politically safe pick for Police Commissioner, the re-elected Sheriff continues to be an embarrassment, and the SEPTA and Temple Police Departments struggle for survival.

By A. Benjamin Mannes

Memo to Madam Mayor: First, Kill All the Pilots

Philadelphia government is in love with pilot programs. With a $6.2 billion budget, how about making the tough decisions to deploy what works citywide?

By Larry Platt

Is Kevin Bethel the Police Changemaker We Need?

Mayor-elect Cherelle Parker’s choice for new Philly Police Commissioner transformed the school-to-prison pipeline. Can he do the same for the city writ large?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

What Should Cherelle Parker Do to Drive Down Shootings?

The Mayor-elect campaigned on stop-and-frisk, increasing police and bringing in the National Guard. Her constituents have strong views on all of that

By Mensah M. Dean

Neighborhoods Need Constructive Confrontation

A young Philadelphian explains the responsibility we all share in steering young people in the right direction — starting with your own block

By Jemille Q. Duncan

Cherelle Parker’s Philly Shine

The mayor-elect’s election night speech heralds new energy. Plus: Shapiro wasn’t on the ballot, but was a winner nonetheless

By Larry Platt

Memo to Madam Mayor: Clean Up Philly

“Ya Fav” Trashman urges Mayor-elect Cherelle Parker to do something unprecedented when she takes office in January: Seriously take on litter

By Terrill Haigler

Who is Cherelle Parker?

Parker will be the 100th — and first woman — mayor of Philadelphia. Here's what we know about her

By The Philadelphia Citizen Staff