Guest Commentary: The Evidence on Charter Schools Is In

Public charter schools work, a schools reformer explains — especially for Black, Hispanic and low-income students

By Mark Gleason

Ideas We Should Steal: Ban the Ban, Not the Book

Attention, Governor Shapiro and Pennsylvania state legislators: Illinois has banned book bans. NJ is thinking about it and PA should too.

By Elaine Maimon

Guest Commentary: Education Ideas We Should Steal — From Ourselves

For the School District of Philadelphia to improve, Superintendent Watlington need not look for new ideas. Our solutions are already here

By Debra Weiner

Making Choice Possible

Private school students supported by Children's Scholarship Fund almost all graduate from high school and go on to higher education. Can the group bring its tuition relief to all the children who need it?

By Natalie Pompilio

Guest Commentary: Mayoral Candidates, Stop the Public Education Platitudes

Voters deserve to know how the next Mayor of Philadelphia will build the new Board of Education — and, a longtime education advocate says, how they’ll hold that board accountable

By Debra Weiner

Can Place-Based Learning Work in Philly Schools Too?

A West Philly charter high school has added an option to learn outside the classroom. So far, it seems to be working, just like it does in some of Philly’s most affluent suburbs.

By Johann Calhoun

Guest Commentary: Memo to Superintendent Tony Watlington

A longtime educator with a piece of advice for the still-new chief of the Philadelphia School District: Start with trust

By Peshe Kuriloff

ChatGPT is Not the End of Writing

A longtime university president and writing expert advises against banning the new AI bot — but to use it to teach more effective thinking that is purely human

By Elaine Maimon